Chris Walker OFFICIAL College Announcement Mixtape

One of the top players in the nation, 6’10 Forward, Chris Walker officially announces his commitment today on his official mixtape. He is the 5th ranked player overall in the class of 2013 on, 6th on Rivals and 6th on ESPN. His final schools are Kansas, Louisville, Florida, Kentucky. Go to 2:28 mark for announcement.

7 thoughts on “Chris Walker OFFICIAL College Announcement Mixtape

  1. He had no offer from KY though he publicly stated he wanted one. Good luck to him.

  2. Bleacher Report linked to this story saying Walker chose Florida over Kentucky. What a joke. Calipari never offered Walker a scholarship. Maybe that’s why he chose Florida over UK. I’m sure the guy is a great player but UK has a monster class coming and Walker would likely be a bench warmer there. Cal wouldn’t do that to a player the claiber of Walker. A guy named Wiggins is going to be playing for UK along with another guy named Parker and the Harrison twins and Randle and Gordon and Derek Willis and a guy who could still be there named Wiltjer not to mention Cauley-Stein and who knows about Goodwin and Poythress. They could all be back. Jones and Lamb stayed a second year and helped (in a big way – remember Jones would have been a lottery pick after his freshman year but stayed anyway) make it a UK title year. There just isn’t enough quality playing time for all those players. Walker has wanted to play for UK for a long time but Cal just never offered him a scholarship. I wish him all the luck in the world but UK just can’t take everyone even though it seems like they can sometimes. Just keep in mind that Wiggins is a monster player on par with James and Kobe and all indications are that he will be a Cat. With the other players UK has or has lined up where would they put Walker? It just wouldn’t be fair to him even though he wanted to play at UK anyway.

  3. With young and now walker in the paint Florida can certainly get past the elite eight this season. It been back to back elite eight seasons for the gators do this can be a big year for them!

  4. Bleacher Report sensationalizes another headline. At least try to fake being professional. You don’t have to mislead people to get readers. It’s a letdown when everyone see’s that this headline is backed by lies.
    UK was recruiting Walker. He’s really good, but, he was never offered and kinda resented it. That will make for an intense rivalry, won’t it?

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